An introduction to “Crystal Art”

Mar 29 , 2019


Sharon Holden

An introduction to “Crystal Art”

Hi everyone, and welcome to the very first blog in a series of blogs in relation to “Crystal Art” from Craft Buddy. Even though this is now a global craft phenomenon, not everyone has heard of it and/or knows how the concept works or the products that are available to them. By doing this blog on a regular basis I hope to:
♦ teach you step by step, how to complete your very own:
             ○ Crystal Art Kits
             ○ Crystal Card Kits
             ○ Crystal Art Motifs
             ○ Crystal Art Clocks
    ♦ teach you step by step on how to use:
                 ○ Crystal Art Stamps
                 ○ Crystal Art Sealer
    ♦ inform you about new product launches along with some sneak peaks
    ♦ teach you all about the products available and how to get the most out of those products
                 ○ Crystal Art Stamps
                 ○ Crystal Art Sealer
                 ○ Accessories i.e. storage, easels and so much more
      ♦ give you behind the scenes information about our trade/consumer shows
        Crystal Art is just one of the brands from Craft Buddy, which is an arts & crafts company based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire founded by brothers Dino & Gary.
        Since 2013 the “Crystal Art” phenomenon has exploded, and the products available has grown. Craft Buddy is one of the worlds leading suppliers of cards and canvasses and continues to go from strength to strength. 

        Crystal Card Kits

        Craft Buddy was established in 2011 and specialises in many different areas of craft from papercrafting to mixed media,  but “Crystal Art” itself as a brand  was first launched on QVC in Germany with the exclusive launch of a set of 16 Christmas Crystal Cards at the end of 2013.
        Find out more...

        Crystal Art Kits

        Craft Buddy were the first company to introduce premounted Crystal Art on wooden frames, eliminating the need for the customer to stretch, mount or frame the canvas themselves. There are various sizes of premounted Crystal Art Kits ranging from 20cm x 20cm, right up to the largest size 65cm x 90cm.
        Find out more...
        Custom Crystal Art Kits

        You can now also order your own custom Crystal Art Kits, choose a favourite photograph and have it transformed onto canvas and then crystallise it! These are all stretched and premounted for you here in the UK.
        Find out more...

         LED Crystal Art Kits

        Craft Buddy were also the first company to produce LED Crystal Art Kits. These kits have LED lights encased within the framework, this means when you add batteries and switch on the light shines through particular parts of the canvas.
        Find out more...


        Silver Framed Picture Frame Kits 

        There is also the gallery and brand new silver framed picture frame collection. These kits all use round crystals with 15 facets meaning when the light shines on them the sparkle is out of this world!
        Find out more...

        Crystal Art Clocks

        The Crystal Art Clocks are a new release too, four absolutely beautiful designs to choose from and come with all the mechanisms included.
        Find out more...

        Crystal Art Motifs

        They also have a collection of motifs, these are perfect for beginners! They are great for putting onto cards when completed or even mixed media and home décor!

        Crystal Art Stamps

        The crystal art stamps are a favourite of mine and come in many different choices, Christmas and everyday. The concept is the same as the cards and canvasses but I will go into more detail with all of the products as I do each blog!
        Find out more...

        I hope I have given you an insight into what Crystal Art has to offer and I look forward to the next blog.

        Take care
        Shar x

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        • 29 Mar 2019 Moira

          Hi. I love crystal art and like another lady have lots of crystals over. Would like to touch up some ordinary cards but what adhesive do I use on card to stick crystaks

        • 29 Mar 2019 MIss Stenna Urban

          I have made many of the crystal art cards up to now, I really enjoy making them and find it very relaxing.
          The cards are beautiful when they are finished, and make a special gift for someone.

          But I have collected many of the extra crystals and accessories that are provided, I would be really grateful for any comments on how they can be used.
          Many Thanks
          Stenna Urban

        • 29 Mar 2019 david frier

          Have done afew crystal art kits already but this one looks great.,can’t wait to get started.

        • 29 Mar 2019 Brucelem

          Good time and Good mood, thanks.

        • 29 Mar 2019 Joyce

          Absolutely love Crystal aŕt. I have been buying them since they were on Hochanda. Now I will buy them from craft buddy direct.

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