Christmas crafting with Crystal Art

Aug 30 , 2019


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Christmas crafting with Crystal Art

Hello from Germany!

The Summer weather is still with us but as I’m sure you know, Christmas comes faster than you think it will. I’m already making my Christmas cards and advent calendars to give myself a head start!

Two beautiful cards I have been working on are these stunning, festive designs; Christmas Poinsettias and Cozy Kitten. But there are so many to choose from, from traditional Robin and Snowman family designs to Llamas and Dragons!

Each Crystal Card kit comes with a card, a white envelope, crystal pick up pen, jelly wax, gem tray and the different crystals needed to complete the card. Each bag of crystals will have a code or a symbol. These correspond with different codes or symbols on the card.

It’s best to open the different bags of coloured crystals as you need them. Dispense a few crystals from your first bag into the tray and shake them gently to get them facing the right way up. Each of the crystals has a round side and a flat side. Using the special crystal pick up pen, place a little jelly wax onto the end of your tool and use it to pick up each crystal from the round side placing the flat side onto the corresponding symbol on the card.

The card itself comes with a clear film that protects the adhesive surface of the artwork. You can peel back the film as you work to prevent any dust getting on to the card. It’s similar to painting by numbers but with much more sparkle and fun!

The different coloured crystals make the designs look almost 3-dimensional. I’m so pleased with my Poinsettias card, I’m tempted to keep it for myself!

The crystal art stickers also come in a range of super cute designs! I love the Christmas wreath and the little reindeer. I use them on my homemade advent calendars, which our children get from me every year at the beginning of December. I also use them on greeting cards and gift boxes. Here’s the first bag of this years advent calendar.

There’s so much you can do with the crystal art range to make your Christmas crafting super fun! Post your own Christmas Crystal art craft ideas and designs in the comments below 😊









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