Crystal Art and Mindfulness

Posted by Craft Buddy on

My mind would run at a million miles an hour, and I couldn’t focus on anything...

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  • I love doing these paintings and am totally addicted. I am a high anxiety person. This takes that away. I just keep ordering them. Would lovevto keep doing them and ordering them s as much f n as doing them. Blessings Beth

    Jeanne Saeger on
  • I am totally hooked I love crystal art and have worked my way through most of the kits but they keep bringing out new products and I am about to start the clock can not wait I would recommend it to any one it is absolutely mess free relaxing and easy to do so please give it a go

    Melanie on
  • First time seeing your blog. I am in the process of shopping for a nice project. I have two from other vendors, but have not tried it yet. Thought I would try something from Crystal cards first.

    Wendi Kelly on

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