Crystal Art Clocks

May 07 , 2019


Sharon Holden

Crystal Art Clocks

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Crystal art blog! I hope you are all well, and are enjoying your current crystal art projects! As you all know I am an avid crafter and I always have one or two projects on the go at once, if I’m being honest though,  where crystal art is concerned I have five projects on the go at the minute! I’ve just finished the “Mother Tiger and Cub” crystal art clock, and I thought I’d share a step by step and also some hints and tips with you all. There are four clocks to choose from at the moment (keep your eyes peeled for more choices coming later this year), they include the:

Clever Cat

Watery Moon

Sunset Palms


Mother & Tiger Cub

The kits themselves come as a complete kit, packaged in a beautiful box which makes it perfect as a gift. You will find everything you need is included (you will only need a double AA battery, which isn’t included): 1 clock, tray, crystal pick up pen, jelly wax, coded bag of crystals, ziplock bags, clock hands, display stand and instructions. The box has a code on the side of it,, please check that your bag of crystals inside the box correspond to the same code.

I do recommend that before starting your clock, you sort your crystals out either into the ziplock bags or dispense into your storage containers, I find spending half an hour before starting your project doing this actually saves you time in the long run. Make sure you also code the ziplock/dispenser you use so you know which crystals are which.

For complete beginners of any crystal art project you will find that your project is pre-sticky and  has a protective plastic covering on it, please DO not remove this, this will protect your work as you are doing it and prevent foreign objects sticking to it.


I recommend on a clock to start from the outside edge and work your way in.

 Also as your clock has a battery pack on the back I found it easier to place a towel underneath the clock to balance it.

Once you have pushed some of the wax into the end of your pick up pen you are ready to begin (they have two ends, one for picking up one crystal and the other end will pick up three, there are larger pick up tools available). Choose which letter you wish to start with and dispense some into your tray. Lightly shake the tray and this will get most of your crystals the right way up, you need to pick the crystal up so the flat side goes down onto your clock. On  the clock it will show you which letter to stick the corresponding crystal to, so on a letter F you will put a corresponding lettered F crystal. You continue to do this until the clock is complete.

Once you have finished your clock gently remove the plastic covering (if you find it doesn’t all come away take a craft knife and carefully cut away).

You are now ready to attach the hands (see video). Once you have attached and made sure they don’t stick you can insert your battery (see video).


You also have a stand included which means you can place your clock anywhere, not just on the wall.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this write up on the Crystal Art Clocks, and I hope you’ve found it helpful .

Keep crystalling and take care !

Yours, Sharon


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  • 07 May 2019 Lyn

    They r wonderful and a joy to make, I have made 2 cats, the dolphins and now ordered 2 Robin’s cant wait for them to arrive. They look great in the sun. Thank you.

  • 07 May 2019 Sue

    I think I’m going to do a clock now I know a bit more about how to attach the hands. It’s now a matter of choosing which one !

  • 07 May 2019 Janet

    They are as easy as you said Sharon. I’ve done the Sunset Palms and it looks beautiful when finished

  • 07 May 2019 Mandy

    After reading this sharon i am going to have to try one. X

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