Crystal Art Stamps

May 31 , 2019


Craft Buddy

Crystal Art Stamps

Hi everyone, hope you are all ok and you are enjoying this beautiful weather we have had over the last couple of days! I hope we can now say that summer is well on the way.

What an exciting couple of days I’ve just had, I was extremely lucky to go down to Kent for the Create-it show, it was a fabulous weekend (look out for a blog coming soon with lots of photos and all the behind the scenes information).

For this blog I thought I would share with you one of my favourite Crystal Art product, the “Crystal Art stamps”. It brings my passion for both paper crafting and crystal art together into one. A perfect combination for me!!

The crystal art stamps were invented for you to use with all your leftover crystals and gems, you can create beautiful bespoke cards, canvasses, home décor and so much more. You don’t only have to use them with your gems but can also use with your craft buddy glazes, glitter drops, enamels and the brand new sparkle gels like I have in the step by step card.

The stamps follow the same principle as the canvasses/cards and motifs, when you stamp your image there are circles with numbers in, this means you can create your own colour code for the image i.e. 1 = pink, 2 = blue and so on. You don’t necessarily have to follow the numbers but they are there as a guide.

There are many different choices in the stamp range including:

♦ Bundle of joy
♦ Under the sea
♦ Twinkling festive sky
♦ Feathers and festive fun
♦ Simply celebration
♦ A traditional Christmas
♦ Eastern dream
♦ Mandala magic
♦ Summer sky
♦ Curly flora


Below is a step by step card I’ve made, for this project you will need:

♦ Eastern dreams A5 crystal art stamp set
♦ Eastern influence stencil – mandala mayhem
♦ Pretty gets gritty “pretty fearless” stencil
♦ Craft buddy sparkle gels in Glorious and cinnamon
♦ Craft buddy crystal drops in black
♦ Craft buddy rich tones double sided shimmer card in black and brown
♦ Kraft card
♦ Black versafine ink pad
♦ Stamping platform (personal choice)
♦ Glue gel
♦ Paint brush (for applying the sparkle gels)
♦ Palette knife


How to make a Crystal Art Stamped Card 

Score and fold a piece of A4 Kraft card into an A5 card 


STEP 2: On a piece of the brown double sided shimmer card place your eastern mandala stencil and using your palette knife take some of your cinnamon sparkle gel, scrape over the entire stencil (make sure there are no gaps), when you have covered the whole of the stencil scrape the excess off and put back in the jar (wash stencil and palette knife in warm water immediately). When the sparkle gel is completely dry (leave for at least a couple of hours (depending on how thick the layer is) matt and layer this onto brown kraft card, then another brown shimmer card and finally onto the A5 kraft card base.

STEP 3: Using the glorious sparkle gel I used the pgg fearless stencil and stencilled through the “fearless” word with the gel onto black double sided shimmer card, when this is completely dry matt and layer onto brown kraft card. 

STEP 4: Stamp your tiger image (using your stamping platform if you wish) two times onto a piece of the kraft card using the versafine ink and carefully cut round the images, I decided to decoupage my tiger so on the second image I cut a slightly smaller image to create depth

    STEP 5: You will notice the image has numbered circles – 1,2 and 3. I used the “glorious” sparkle gel for 1, “cinnamon” sparkle gel for 2 and “black” crystal drops for number 3


    STEP 6: Using a very fine paint brush, pick up the gel and the drops and make a small dot on the circles, on the bottom layer of the tiger I only did the circles that would be visible and then the top layer I covered completely in dots



    STEP 8: Using glue gel stick the “fearless” matt to the top left of your card going downwards and the “just for you” matt at the bottom centre of the card 

    STEP 7: 
    Take the “just for you” sentiment from the stamp set and stamp onto brown kraft card, matt and layer onto brown shimmer card, then kraft card. Using the same colour code as you used for the tiger colour the numbered circles (see step 3)

    STEP 9: Decoupage the tiger onto your card using glue gel and then attach to your card at the top right

    Your card is now complete. These stamps can be used in so many different ways and I will share more ideas and step by steps over the months

    I hope you have enjoyed this blog, I would love to know what you think

    Keep crystalling!

    Love shar x

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