Handy hints and tips for Crystal Art!

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Hi everyone, I'm so excited to share with you some hints and tips I’ve picked up along the way whilst doing crystal art. I find these so useful and I hope you do too! Leave me a comment if there's anything else you'd like a handy hack or tip for to help your crafty crystal creations!

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  • what do you do if you make a mistake as I have put N where z should have been and vice versa.

    judith Gardner on
  • i bouight the crystal art bag with the 20 containers it is so good and compact can keep the crystals and tools all together. i cant praise it enough

  • Hi Kathryn
    It is up to the individual as to whether you seal the picture or not, I recommend sealing if putting in a room where there is lots or moisture or steam,
    I most definitely seal all my motifs and stamped images, as I say I use a small thin brush and a little round the base of the crystals, wipe any excess off

    Sharon Holden on
  • Hi Lynn, there is no need to mount the crystal card kit canvasses as they all come premounted, they are ready to hang when completed
    Hi Georgia, I would actually recommend using the crystal art sealer that is available on the crystal card kit website
    Hi Hazel, the sealer is available on the crystal card kit website

    Sharon Holden on
  • Hi,
    It’s Sharon, thank you for all your comments. I will answer each and every one now
    1. Dorothy – yes the tools are available on the crystal card kit website, www.crystalcardkit.com and then under accessories
    2. Hi Christine, you can print a copy of my hints and tips off yes, please also mention the blog to them

    Sharon Holden on

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