Jessica's Crystal Art Journey

May 15 , 2019


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Jessica's Crystal Art Journey

"Would you like to write a blog about your experiences with setting up a Crystal Art / Diamond Painting company?" This was recently asked of me by the team at Craft Buddy ... and I immediately said yes, because I thought it would be lovely to share my experiences.

So, how did it start? Just like (probably) many of you, Crystal Art began as a hobby. After I finished my work I shared my creations on Facebook, or I showed them to friends and family. They responded very enthusiastically and were immediately curious about what Crystal Art was.

I started to order some small kits from China, and friends and family asked if they could buy them from me. I enjoyed this so much that I began to buy more and more kits, and resold them.

At first I only sold kits through Facebook, but because I often got the question if I had a website, I quickly set up a web store, and then my business really started to take off. At first I used a free web store; later, I actually purchased a domain name. 

I always scoured the web to find the best Crystal Art stuff. And that's how I ended up with Craft Buddy. The Crystal Art items from Craft Buddy are unique and also of a super quality. I mainly sold a lot of cards, but also the LED Crystal Art, stickers and the Crystal Art kits on wooden frames were all very popular.

During the time that I ran the web store, I did not work in full-time employment, and I was busy running the web store alongside being a Mama. Now that my youngest son is about to begin school, I have started working again. Unfortunately, working, my family and running a busy web store cannot be combined for me, and so I recently decided to sell the web store. It has since been taken over by 2 great people, and I am confident that they will continue my online store in the same spirit that I always have.

Because my big hobby is still Crystal Art, I am still busy creating my own projects. And recently , I was successful in applying to become a member of the Craft Buddy Design Team! This is something I really enjoy. I can't wait to share all the great new projects with you. Because believe me, a lot of fun is coming from Craft Buddy Crystal Art!

Jessica x


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  • 15 May 2019 ron

    Great read , thanks Jessica!

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