Lynda's Love for Crystal Art

Jun 07 , 2019


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Lynda's Love for Crystal Art

My name is Lynda and I have been a big fan of crystal art for almost four years now.

I first discovered crystal art and craft buddy whilst watching a shopping channel on TV while I was recovering from being very ill. The first project that I did was a crystal art card of an owl along with a set of Christmas cards and I was hooked. I really loved the sparkly effect of these cards and the fact it was very relaxing.
The card on the left is one I made using the owl card along with some other craft buddy items.

I then went on to do my first full crystal art canvas, two tigers in the snow. I was blown away by the way the crystals showed the breath of the tiger and also the coat of the other tiger behind. I also loved the way the canvas sparkled in the light and really enjoyed the process of completing this beautiful canvas. This has lead the way to doing many different canvases and quiet a few waiting in the wings. These canvases become a family affair as my youngest son enjoys helping me complete them. 

I just love the diversity of the crystal art range. I adore the canvases along with the crystal art cards. Many of the cards I have made have been framed and put on walls which is lovely, this means that the cards also become pieces of art work too. The crystal art motifs are fun to make and you can use them in so many different ways. They are quick to do and these also have the beautiful sparkle from the crystals the same as the larger canvasses do. My great niece who is eight also loves these motifs they keep her calm and she stays still while doing them which is something she never normally does. This candle was made using a crystal art motif.



The crystal art stamps are a firm favourite with me also as they give me the opportunity to use the extra gems that the crystal art projects generously give us. The stamp sets have many different themes and also allow you to put your own  “stamp” on things. This is my most recent card made with the 'Under The Sea' stamp set.



My latest project is the clever cat clock. I am making this one to go into my craft cabin.  Crystal art is a fantastic hobby that anyone can do and is extremely relaxing and great for families to participate together. I am very lucky and extremely privileged to have become a member of the Crystal Art design team about 10 months ago now. I love doing this and can’t wait to share with you all the fabulous products coming in the future.

Lynda x



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