My ideal job was waiting for me

Posted by Jital Rao on

I have been very crafty from a young age, always looking at ways to make literally anything from bits and pieces around the house. Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the world of henna art (temporary body art created using intricate designs drawn using natural plant extracts). Being from an Indian background, I used to love to go to weddings, just so I could get some henna on my hands and always wished I was able to do it myself.

I started drawing patterns on everything and anything whenever I had a pen in my hands, even now, if I am on the phone or procrastinating, I doodle.

I always love to try my hand at new things; from jewellery making, paper crafting, to designing my own candles and other homeware goods.

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  • Just a couple of minor quibble s l am currently working on the large red dragon and have found a couple of areas with no adhesive on also my better half has just finished the led white tiger and struggled a little bit on the edges as there was no border to speak of so she had seal the edges as she worked to stop the border drills from sliding off the edge. Are there any more large dragon pictures in the pipeline ? I am loving the red dragon and am finding it very therapeutic and challenging but relaxing in these hard times as l work at our local hospital thanks alot

    STEPHEN Minton on
  • Can you do some more Liza parker crystal art kits please loving the big one I’m doing of magical cats. X

    Christine Hickling on
  • Please can you do some squares drill kits please

    Tracy Goodenough on

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