What is it about Crystal Art?

Jun 13 , 2019


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What is it about Crystal Art?

When I sell crystal art kits at various shows and festivals, I never get tired of showing people what it is and why they should try it. People are often attracted to my stand by seeing the range of bright and beautiful colours from across a showground. If I get the Safari Sunset canvas in just the right sunlight, it sparkles so amazingly, that it brings people straight to me.

So crystal art attracts “magpies”, but what else? It’s the colours and fine details that can be achieved by doing these stunning pictures. Not only do I sell them as a stockist for Craft Buddy, but I also am a very prolific crafter myself, so I buy a lot just for the pleasure of making them. Some of my favourites are the bright colours, and wonderful images that you can create.

Another thing I love is the variety of subjects and images that are now available in this amazing craft, as more and more artists are learning about the craft, and are licensing their works to be produced as crystal art kits. This giant canvas is one of my favourites, and the talent of the wonderful artist, Kentaro Nishino has been converted just beautifully into this 90cm x 65cm masterpiece, that took me 43 hours of actual crystalling time to complete. And I loved every second of it.

But crystal art is not restricted to the beautiful works of art designed by someone else. You can have your very own masterpieces to work on. I recently had a holiday of a lifetime in a very stunning part of the world, and I wanted something to remind me of both the gorgeous scenery, and the wonderful resort we stayed at, so I have ordered my own crystal art kit to be made using one of my own photos, incorporating the logo of the resort. The canvas has been individually created, and stretched on a wooden frame, and delivered to me along with all the crystals to create this one of a kind memory. I haven’t actually done it yet, as I am still working on another canvas, but I cannot wait to see it finished, and I will then do another post showing you the finished canvas. This is the image it has been created from.

But of all of these things, what do I love the most about crystal art? It has to be that it unites so many people from so many different walks of life in a shared love of craft. There is nothing more heart-warming than seeing a group of strangers become friends as they share the pleasure of crystalling.

Beth x

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  • 13 Jun 2019 Helen Matthews

    I absolutely love doing crystal art and diamond art, there are so many lovely pictures to create from all genres. Plus I find it so very very relaxing to do. I know that if I’m stressed out an hour doing my diamond art and I feel relaxed. I would encourage everyone to try it. I just love it.

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